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The life and times of Henry the Hoppy Dog.

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Oops, I’ve been a bit of a slacker, but I’m done with Chemo!

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As you can see from the gap in my posts I’ve been a bit of a slacker as of late, I haven’t posted in almost three months.  So I guess I owe everyone an update. 

I finished my fifth Chemo session on September 8th;  and my final Chemo session on September 29th.  My doctors had a celebration for me on my final day of chemo.  They gave me some gifts before I left.  I got a framed photo, autographed bandanna and some treats to take home to my pawrents.  All is still going well, my chest x-rays are still clear; and my doctor says I’m going to be her superstar.  I hope I do not disappoint. 

I will post some pictures from my last chemo session as soon as I can; and I will do my best to keep you posted on my on my activities on a more regular basis in the future.  Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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I’m Walking on Sunshine!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Although I do not post on the forums, I do enjoy reading them whenever I am on this site.  I first and foremost want to say to all of the pawrents who have recently lost their beloved companions how sorry I am to hear about their loss.  I know one day we all will face this final outcome, but for me it does not make it any easier knowing that one day, hopefully not anytime soon, I to will be posting of the loss of a true friend. – Henry’s Dad

Henry here, sorry for Dad’s sappy sentence, he pushed me out of the way and I couldn’t get him away from the computer.  So you must know by now then that Dad’s back and let me say I’m so very happy to see him again! 

Today I  went in for my third Chemo session.  They raised my dose  since my white blood cell counts have been coming back so well thus far.  Hopefully the new dosage levels do not change this outcome.  We also did chest x-rays and blood work this morning.  Thankfully the x-rays came back clean and the blood work came back normal, so we must be doing something right. 

The doctor did tell my pawrents that I shouldn’t lose anymore weight though, I’ve lost 7 pounds since my last visit three weeks ago.  I think it’s because my dad was gone and I was being a spaz, but either way I’ll benefit from it now because that means I’ll get more canned food mixed in with my normal food and that always turns out well for me and my sister.

Have a wonderful Hoppy Day!

Henry 🙂

Two Down Four to Go: 2nd Chemo Session Complete!

I completed my second Chemo session this past Wednesday on July 7th. 

So far so good, keeping my paws crossed just in case.  I was limping around when I returned from the doctor on Wednesday afternoon from the torment of the doctors visit, well it could have been because I vaulted out of the back of mom’s wagon, but I would prefer to blame it all on the gigantic needles they use.  I slept a little more on Thursday and Friday, but by Friday night I was back to normal and in full on moochie mode. 

Isabel and I got to eat mashed potatos off of dad’s fork.  I would take a bite, then Izzy would take a bite, then repeat the process until gone.  Dad even went back for seconds on our behalf, so we could continue the mashed tater enjoyment.  Then Saturday night Isabel and I got to eat Dad’s pizza crust, so it has been a wonderful two days of food loving enjoyment .  I think my uber powerful powers of doggy eyed persuasion must have broke through his defenses.

My dad has to go on  a trip, so I’m going to have to do my best to behave myself and stay sane while he is gone.  Most of the time when he doesn’t come home after a couple of days I turn into a spaz; and to say that I become a bit anxious would most of the time be an understatement, but this time will be different, dog gone it!  Prozac? What Prozac, I don’t need no stinking Prozac, just you wait and see.

When life is going great and moving as it should finding something interesting to say can be difficult, so here’s to writers block!  

Enjoy the little things as the simplest pleasures often have the greatest rewards. I’m a big fan of stopping to smell the flowers, thought you might enjoy some too. 


Impatien by the door

Bee's Balm Flower from the Herb Garden

Why can’t posting be easier?  My pictures are bleeding into my last post.

It’s not easy being the oldest.

Can you guess what the big surprise is?

We FINALLY went for a walk! (mom cropped herself out of this picture. I suppose she didn't feel like she could compete with our cuteness


Guess dad doesn't want to be famous either

Hi, this is Izzy-boo here.
      As you can tell from our latest pictures we finally got to start walking again after almost a month of really boring tv-watching.  It takes us a while to get ready for our walks because Henry doesn’t like his weird new collar but mommy and daddy just follow him around, looking desperate and begging until he holds still. 
     Mom and Dad keep saying  that we should be extra proud of him because he’s making it 4/10ths of a mile (whatever that means) but I don’t know what the big deal is since we go way farther then that after we drop him off.  Oh well, I suppose its part of being a supportive and totally cool big sister.
     Oh-uh! Gotta go.  It looks like it’s time for US to have some canned food to prevent Henry’s upset tummy. Like I said I live a life of self-sacrificing big sisterhood.
     Sloppy Kisses,

Nothing special-Just an update.

Hello again, I know it’s been a few days since my last post, I was having some technical issues with accessing the website.  Too may failed log-in attempts caused my IP Address to be blocked from the site. 

If only I had a smaller paw, as those darn keys are just so close together.  I was right pawed before my surgery, so now I’m having to adjust to being a lefty, which can be challenging at times.

Last Thursday I had my first post chemo white blood cell count check, oh the suspense.  Well the doctor called back the next day and said all counts looked normal, yeah for me.  I go back for my second blood count tomorrow afternoon, hopefully “normal” will be the end result with this check as well. 

I have big news for everyone,  but first I have to take my mid afternoon nap as all this precision hopping on the keyboard has left me a bit tuckered. 

Happily Hopping,

Henry 🙂

The Potty Break.

Hey! How'd you sneak your ball out?








What ya doing with that thing in your hands?








Hey sissy, come here I have something important to tell you.

Helloooo, It's hot out here, can we go inside now!


Ahhh - safe at last in my cave!

 Hope you enjoyed the edited for content Potty Break. 

Henry & Isabel 🙂

I always knew I would be famous some day.

Pictures! My fans can’t get enough of me!  I always knew I would be famous some day.  Maybe I can get my big sis to snap some photos of my hot knew hairstyle.  It’s called patchwork and it’s all the rage at the hospital.  All the “cool” dogs have it there.  

I thought I would have my blood count checked yesterday, but life got in the way, so I’ll be going tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve still been feeling pretty good so I don’t think I should have too much to worry about, but then again I wasn’t expecting to be diagnosed with cancer either. 

I was being extra sassy yesterday and ensured everyone in the house received equal parts attention, but especially when my people were most engaged in other activities.  During the day I usually spend most of my time hanging out in my cave under the computer desk, but I could tell my people needed me, so I came out to see what they wanted and to say hello.  

I tried to get on the bed and claim my space accross the top last night and my darn dad blocked my approach.  I was thoroughly unhappy and tried to get by, but he proved quicker than I thought he would be and decided to settle for my kennel instead.  I think he may have planned this blocking action in advance as he went upstairs before us.  Mom and I waited downstairs as he went up, which I thought to be a little strange, normally I get to lead the pack up the stairs.  I will have to keep an eye on both of my people to see if a pattern develops.

1st Chemo Session Complete!

Well as I stated in my last post my Chemo was set to begin on June 16th.  My parents took me to the doctor early that day at 8 in the morning, just as I was beginning to start my morning routine,  I wasn’t too excited about this change in routine though.  Once I passed by my regular doctor I began to get nervous as this new hospital has not been as much fun as my regular doctors office, but the doctors are nice enough so I didn’t complain too much once I realized there was no getting out of this. 

My doctor said we would be using Carboplatin to start my treatment routine. 

After a few hours, seemed like a lifetime, of being away from home; and a couple of new shaved patches on my rear legs, my mom got to come pick me up from the hospital at 1:30.  I could not wait to get out of there, I was really tugging on my leash to let mom know it was time to go – finally, we got in the wagon and headed for the house, my older sister missed me, but she’s starting to get used to me leaving the house without her. 

Over the next couple of days I was expecting not to feel so good, but it wasn’t really too bad.  I might have slept a little more than usual, but other than that I didn’t get sick or have diarrhea.  Now you would never know I was even at the doctor last week, if it wasn’t for those darn new shaved spots.

I have to go to my regular doctor tomorrow to get my white blood cell count checked and to get my regular adequan shot for my joints, wish me luck.

By the way, I’m jumping on the bed again have been for about a week, if only my parents would start taking me for walks again.

Hello world!

A few months ago I developed a slight limp in my front right leg.  At first my doctor thought I may have pulled a muscle or sprained something.  I have had a history of these problems, so it was a logical thought. 

As the next couple of weeks went by the problem didn’t go away, so I went back to the doctor.  This time I got some meds and a lets see what happens over the next couple of weeks. 

It’s now been a month and the slight limp persists and seems to be getting worse, not better.  Time for the x-rays my doctor proclaims.  Unfortunately for me it wasn’t good news, the x-rays show tell tale signs of osteosarcoma.  My regular doctor recommends I see a specialist.  Luckily for me there is such a specialist in the town I live, so after a quick call from my regular doctor I have an appointment the next day.  

My new doctor looks at the x-rays and agrees with my regular doctor that things aren’t looking so good.  They decide to aspirate the bone and send off to the lab.  The results came back as inconclusive, but suspicious for osteo.  My special doctor is pretty confident that it’s osteo, she recommends we go forward with amputation.  A truely hard and scarey decision to say the least.  Many thanks go to the users and supporters of this site for making the decsion much easier to cope with.

The decision is made to go forward with the surgery.  On Tuesday May 23rd I began my life as a Tripawd.  I didn’t get to come home from the hospital right away though as I had problems figuring things out at first.  I got to come home on Friday May 28th.  Being that I had never been away from home for such a long  period of time I was kinda a mess and didn’t really cooperate as well as I should have while I was gone from home, but I finally wore them down and they released me to my parents.

Once I got home the recovery process began.  The first few days were rough for me as I didn’t have much stamina, but as the days progressed I got stronger each day.  I got my staples out on June 8th and was cleared to attempt the stairs with supervision.  I haven’t looked back since.

I got my results back from the post amputation biopsy today, the doctor was beginning to worry as it was taking an awful long time to get the results.  Well there was both good news and bad news.  The bad news first, unfortunately it is confirmed osteosarcoma; but who wants to dwell on that, so on to the good news!  The good news – my lymph nodes came back negative and I only have grade 1 Osteosarcoma, guess things could have been a lot worse.  My doctor says I’m a lucky dog and that she didn’t come across grade 1 osteo very often and would have to do some reading.  We start chemo on the 16th.

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